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Support Alexa's Work

While Alexa helped many thousands of animals over the course of their life, of nearly every species, in their last years of life Alexa was especially concerned with helping to improve life for urban animals, particularly rats.

Alexa had an audacious vision to develop, test, and massively scale an approach to wildlife population management that would replace outdated and barbaric methods of rodent and pigeon population control—such as electrocution, drowning, and poisoning—with tasty and harmless edible contraceptives that would cause them to stop reproducing. Their vision was to see this technique rolled out in every city in the world, saving many billions of animals from violent deaths, and helping rats and other urban wildlife to maintain an optimal population size that would decrease conflict over resources and help each animal to live the happiest possible life.

We want to see Alexa's dream come to fruition, and are collecting funds to ensure that Alexa's project succeeds even without their tireless work. Alexa's close friends are exploring a variety of approaches to doing this, such as setting up a perpetual fund to identify and support dedicated individual researchers who embody Alexa's entrepreneurial approach to moral problem-solving.

You can support Alexa's work via our GoFundMe.

(Note that currency is in GBP because Alexa's partner lives in England.)

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